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Group Members

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Current group members:

SR-Sharon Riaz (PhD student; 2015-…)

FA-Farhat Abbas (PhD student; 2018-…)

HB-Humera Baig (PhD student; 2018-…)

SNA-Sana Iqbal (MS student; 2018-…)
AN-Aqsa Naseem (MS student; 2018-…)

UF-Hafiz Syed Usama Bin Farrukh (Lab Instructor)


Previous Group members:

  • ..-Waqas Rasheed (BS-2013, pursuing PhD at University of Minnesota since Fall 2013)
  • ..-Syed M. Usama (BS-2014, pursuing PhD at University of Texas A & M since Fall 2014)
  • AS-Aniqa Sardar (BS-2014, pursed MRes from Imprial College, currently teaching at LUMS since Jan 2017)
  • ..-Aatir Sohail (BS-2014)
  • ..-Syed Saad Imran (BS-2015, pursuing PhD at Princeton University since Fall 2015)
  • MK-Muhammad Kazim (BS-2016, pursuing PhD at John Hopkins University since Fall 2016)
  • SA-Scheherzad Alvi (BS-2016, pursuing PhD at at University of Texas A & M since Fall 2016)
  • HZ-Huda Zahid (BS-2017, pursuing PhD at University of Minnesota since Fall 2017)
  • MA-Muhammad Abdullah (BS-2017, Thesis Title: Synthesis of 2-Benzoyl-3-phenylacrylic acid derivative)
  • AA-Ayesha Amjad (BS-2019 student)
  • BS-Babar Shehzad (MS-2015, teaching in Concordia colleges)
  • UF-Syed Usama Bin Farrukh (MS-2015, lab instructor at LUMS)
  • SI-Sunniya Iftikhar (MS-2016, lecturer in Punjab colleges)
  • SM-Safia Manzoor (MS-2017, Thesis Title: Exploring Novel Heterocycles As Cancer Therapeutics, Research assistant 2017-18)
  • AAH-Aansa Haneef (MS Student; 2018-Lecturer Muslim Hands College of Excellence, Wazirabad)
  • UKM-Umme Kalsoom (MS Student; 2018- Lecturer GC Malakwal)
  • ASB-Amna Saif (MS Student; 2017-…)
  • ..-Shaista Bano (PhD student; 2017-18)
  • RI-Rida Ibrahim (MS-2017-19)
  • ..-Qamar Hayat Khan (MS-2017-19)
  • Ayesha Amjad (Summer 2017, Summer 2018 internee-BS student)
  • Haniya Tariq (Summer 2017,  Summer 2018 internee-BS student)
  • Rimsha Irfan (Summer 2017,  Summer 2018 internee-BS student)
  • SH-Sumiya Iqbal (Research Assistant)
  • NZ- Nazia Sattar
  • SK- Sardaraz Khan