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potential opening in my group: 

We are always looking for good students who are passionate about research and can contribute to driving the projects forward. If you think you are one of such students, then do not hesitate to write about your interest and CV via email.


Research interests: 

We are a research group experienced in the application of organic chemistry in various areas, the most prominent being the medicinal chemistry and materials. A brief description of our endeavors is as given below (and more information about our recent work could be found in our published research articles):
Medicinal Chemistry/Drug discovery:

We have been developing novel small organic molecules that can selectively target cancer cells and improve the current day cancer therapy. Various themes in the group include::

  1. Inhibition of protein-protein interaction (PPI) between p53 and MDM2
  2. Inhibition of clustering in the cancer cells with supernumerary centrosomes
  3. Modulation of tubulin dynamics and multidrug resistance in cancer cells
  4. Preparation of Novel selenium-containing compounds
  5. Modulation of PPAR-gamma

We also plan to launch a research program for certain other biological targets like Aurora kinases, AAA+ ATPases and amylin beta. Besides developing selective inhibitors, we also have the capability to develop photoaffinity labeled/tagged molecules to probe cellular mechanisms. Some of the molecules that we are currently working on our natural products and their derivatives, while others include the molecules based on the docking studies of the binding cavities of the target proteins.


Synthesis of novel dyes for solar cells:

We are synthesizing dyes with novel structures on the donor and acceptor side with the purpose to improve the efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells.

Current members: There is a PhD opening in this project for HEC financed research project.


Synthesis of novel ligands for MOFs:

We employ our skills in the synthesis to prepare novel organic linkers for MOFs. The current focus is the preparation of porphyrin rings.


Synthesis of novel ligands for the preparation of nanoparticles:

We have been involved in preparation of novel ligands to tone the properties of nanoparticles & to study their targeted delivery & pharmacokinetics as well as the preparation of nanoparticles of drugs with reported drug resistance for subsequent studies.

We have also been working on the delivery of APIs via nanoliposomal formations.


Isolation, identification, and characterization of secondary metabolites:

We are interested in isolation of the active components of local flora of medicinal importance. Our on-going projects involve assay-guided isolation of the active compounds.


Food and toxicology:

We are interested in the evaluation of the active components, drug residues & potential toxins in various foods to develop a better understanding of the food and its relation to the health/disease in the area.


Synthesis of the compounds of interest to the industry:

Another area that attracted our attention is the local synthesis of the compounds that our industry needs.


Active Collaborations:

Prof. Claus Jacob (University of Saarland)

Dr. Samina Mehnaz (FCC University, Lahore)

Dr. Amir Faisal (Dept. of Biology, SBASSE, LUMS)

Prof. Xin Gao/Dr. Abul Hamid Emwas (KAUST)